The brand

Tendiwax is a hand-made ready-to-wear brand of clothing and accessories for men and women inspired by the cultures and history of Africa.

Africa is a continent with a great diversity of cultures. These cultures as different as they are highlight the same values.

We are inspired by these values ​​to bring to our customers the best items with a better quality of service to make men and women happy and satisfied in their daily lives.

The name


Tendiwax is an association of two words. The word Tendi which come from the word Kitendi in Lingala , a spoken language in Central Africa and the word wax (African print word commonly used by African french speaker) which is a very popular fabric in Africa.

Kitendi translates into English as fabric or piece of fabric .

The Wax (African print)


Tendiwax takes his name and his hallmark from (wax) African print.

African print is a cotton fabric that has been colored with wax, often illustrating various geometric shapes on both sides.

African print is well known in sub-Saharan Africa and carries within a great love story with Africa.



Sharing his environment is our first and most important value, because to share is to exchange in reciprocity and respect for differences. It is also giving, without expecting anything in return.

Our commitment is to make Tendiwax a space for exchange, where conviviality, communication, and trust dwells.


Humanity is made up of different and unique human beings, living and coming from various places. We believe that by respecting and learning from these differences, we will continue to create better quality products to satisfy our customers.


We believe in the spirit of work done with love and passion.

A work well done while enjoying pleasure of it . We will always be looking for the best articles to satisfy our customers.


A community implies knowing how to be and living with others.

Community is respectful place that promote ties and interactions of his members. it promote also sharing that builds member trust and work that creates value and energizes the community.

Tendiwax is a community guided by a mission.

The mission statement

Share with you the know-how, life skills and languages ​​of African cultures through creations that will make you proud and happy in your daily life.